Keys To Good Health

Well Being

Did you know that your Chakra system is made up of 7 main centers and that these function each as an intelligence center?

There are many Chakra points within your body, but there are 7 main points that are considered hubs. These are the most important to you since they require your greatest attention. In this chapter, we will discuss where each of these main points are located along your spine and what each Chakra point is responsible for. We will also be going over the color that relates to each of these main Chakras and the importance that is placed on these colors.


How long have you dreamt of becoming a Skilled Healer with the Ability to Heal Yourself and Others? A Reiki Master? 

Well, if you’re like most people with the same dream, you’re likely to answer by saying you’ve always dreamt about learning the arts of Reiki.

But, there are only two things stopping you..Time And Money!